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Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk – Błękitny Baranek (Blue Lamb) Granary

It is the only historical building on Granary Island, which survived the last war in reasonably good condition. It houses the results of long-term excavation works conducted by the museum in the city. Its definite asset is the reconstruction of a medieval street of the Hanseatic Gdansk with merchant stalls, workshops and figures of its residents. The atmosphere of the then city is reflected by the hustle and bustle of the street, as well as the sounds of craftsmen at work, the surrounding smells and half-lit interiors. We have an attraction for the little ones as well, an archaeological sandbox full of artefacts just waiting to be discovered!

ul. Chmielna 53
80-748 Gdańsk
+48 58 320 31 88

Archaeological Museum: Ancient Town in Sopot

It is one of the oldest spots in Tricity, located in the northern and quiet, forested part of Sopot. It was established on a fort dated from the 9th-10th century with its embankments in the shape of an anvil and a moat, which is still preserved. The layout of the reconstructed buildings (cottages, palisade, gates) corresponds to that of many centuries ago, according to the results of excavation works. The pavilion, at the foot of the hill, houses a temporary exhibition room and a permanent exhibition on the oldest history of Sopot. 

ul. Haffnera 63
81-715 Sopot
+48 58 340 66 00

Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk – Uphagen House

Located at ul. Długa 12 in Gdansk, it is the only tenement house in Poland and one of a few in Europe dating back to the 18th century and open tourists. It constitutes a distinctive and unique Museum of Burgher Interiors. The Johann Uphagen house includes residential and utility rooms. At the same time, it is one of a few tenement houses in Gdansk restored to its original length after the war, a wonderful example of original and interesting construction of Gdansk houses. While walking around its interiors, recreated to the very last detail, you will feel as if you travelled back to the end of the 18th century.

ul. Długa 12 
+48 58 301 23 71

Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk: Wisłoujście Fortress

This rare fortification monument presents all the conservatory substance layers documenting its amazing history. The name Wisłoujście Stronghold originated when the mouth of the Vistula river was located directly north from the Stronghold. This area was the key strategic point for controlling the movement of Gdansk harbour’s inbound and outbound vessels. Built on the both sides of the mouth of the Vistula, the stronghold amazed people with its form, weaponry, representative ceremony and several hundred men stationed there. Access to the building is also available from a water taxi!

ul. Stara Twierdza 1 
80-551 Gdańsk 
+48 58 76 79 164

National Maritime Museum – Granaries on Ołowianka

Three historic granaries: “Maiden”, “Copper” and “Oliwa” are the seat of the Museum. Their interiors host the “Poles at the seas of the globe” exhibition, presenting the maritime history of the Commonwealth from the medieval period until now. The most interesting artefacts are: the cargo of the “Copper” medieval merchant vessel, as well as artillery, equipment and the personal belongings of sailors from the Swiss “Solen” warship, which sunk in the Gdanska Bay during the battle of Oliwa in 1627. Moreover, the museum features various types of ships and vessels, as well as the Maritime Gallery with works of such artists as: Ajwazowski, Ruszczyc, and Malczewski.

ul. Ołowianka 9-13
80-751 Gdańsk
+48 58 301 86 11

National Maritime Museum – the Crane

The Crane is one of the landmarks of Gdansk and the oldest preserved harbour crane in Europe. It was constructed between 1442 and 1444 in the form of two brick towers with a wooden crane mechanism installed between them. It served as a reloading crane, a defensive construction and the city gate. The Crane hosts an exhibition on the life of the harbour city between the 16th and 18th century. After having walked up the narrow, wooden steps to the highest floor of the Crane, which is about 27 m above ground, tourists can admire the panorama of the Motława river, Ołowianka Island, Granary Island and the yachts moored in the marina.

ul. Szeroka 67/68
80-835 Gdańsk
+48 58 301 69 38

National Maritime Museum - Sołdek

It is the first seagoing vessel built in the Polish shipyard after the Second World War. The coal and ore freighter completed in the Gdansk Shipyard had a unique welded and bolted form, sailing under the Polish flag from 1949 until 1980. During 1479 cruises the ship transported over 3.5 million tons of goods, mostly coal and iron ore, calling at 60 harbours. At the end of 1980, the “Sołdek” was withdrawn from service by Polish Maritime Shipping and since 1985 it has been a ship museum. While visiting the “Sołdek” you can enter almost all the rooms of this historic steamer, such as the engine room, the officers’ and sailors’ quarters, as well as the captain’s bridge.

ul. Ołowianka 9-13
80-751 Gdańsk
+48 58 301 86 11 w. 327

National Maritime Museum – Dar Pomorza 

The most beautiful Polish three-mast ship, also called the “White Frigate”, has been associated with Gdynia since 1929. After 52 years in service, “Dar Pomorza” completed 105 travels, calling at 383 ports and was the place of training for almost 14 thousand Polish merchant navy officers. In 1982 “Dar Pomorza” was withdrawn from service and since then it has been a museum ship. It contains perfectly preserved rooms with their interiors dating back to 1909, including the engine room, the officers’ mess, cadet berths, the navigation room and the commandant’s quarters.

Al. Jana Pawła II
81-345 Gdynia
+48 58 620 23 71

National Museum: Ethnography Branch 

The museum is located in the historic Abbot Granary, which dates back to 1723. Nowadays, the building hosts a permanent exhibition of rustic art from Pomerania. Due to the significant ethnographic and cultural diversity of this area, the museum shows artefacts reflecting the material, social and spiritual culture of such ethnic minorities as the Kashubia and Kociewska cultures or those from the area of the Tuchola Forest, the Lower Powiśle and the Żuławy Wiślane.

ul. Cystersów 19
80-330 Gdańsk
+48 58 552 12 71 w. 104

Hewelianum Centre

Experiments in Pan Kleks’s Laboratory, a journey to the centre of the Earth and a meeting with a volcano during its eruption, the greatest mathematical puzzles and a time machine which can take you back into the past are the interactive exhibitions of the Centrum Hewelianum which allow children and adults to play and learn about the world and its phenomena! This modern centre for science, located at the Grad Mountain, encourages people to learn about the world and the natural laws that govern it, at the same time offering a great opportunity to spend quality time with the family!

ul. Gradowa 6
80-802 Gdańsk
+48 58 742 33 52

New Port Gdańsk Lighthouse 

Opened in 1894, today it is known as the most beautiful, most attractive and best furnished lighthouse on the Polish coast and one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Europe. As legend has it, it is the twin sister of the most beautiful American lighthouse in Cleveland, Ohio. From the beginning, the top has had a "time ball" which allowed for precise setting of marine chronometers. That was the spot from which on 1 September 1939 the Germans took the first shots in the WWII towards the Westerplatte peninsula. It was closed and abandoned in 1984. A Pole from Canada bought it in 2001, and, following a major refurbishment, he opened it as a museum in 2004. Its Time Ball was restored in 2008. In 2010, the lighthouse was named the Well-Cared For Monument. You can view the landscapes as far as Hel, the Westerplatte and the Wisłoujście Fortress from the lighthouse and inside you can see a marvellous exhibition of the Canadian lighthouses.

ul. Przemysłowa 6a
80-542 Gdańsk
+48 601 150 251

Gdansk ZOO

It is definitely one of the most important tourist attractions in Gdansk. The Gdansk ZOO is a wonderful place to spend quality time with children or take a romantic walk. The facility covers an area of 136 ha and is located at the edge of the Tricity Landscape Park. It is inhabited by animals from all continents, including those, which do not live in the wild any more. This is the only place where you can see bongo antelopes, Arabian oryxes, pygmy hippopotamuses and scavenger Andean condors. In total, the ZOO houses about 190 species, which is more than 1,000 animals!

ul. Karwieńska 3
80-328 Gdańsk - Oliwa
+48 58 552 00 41/42


Gdańsk Energa Stadium

The amber stadium is an amazing construction and visiting it guarantees adrenaline for all of its visitors. While visiting the stadium you can discover places that are usually inaccessible, such as football lockers, the conference room and the edges of the turf. What is more, inside there is the FUN ARENA sports and leisure centre. You can burn off excessive energy by jumping in the trampoline park, drive go-karts or try to get out of a room full of puzzles and riddles.

ul. Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1 
80-560 Gdańsk
+48 58 76 88 444

European Solidarity Centre

The ECS is a modern cultural institution, which preserves the memory of our greatest civic success – the victory of Solidarity. This place commemorates the Solidarity revolution and the fall of Communism in Europe but, at the same time, it constitutes an educational facility, a research and development centre, a library and a multimedia library, a public space – a meeting venue for citizens. The heart of the building is its permanent exhibition, dedicated to the history of Solidarity and resistance, which led to democratic transformations across Middle and Eastern Europe.

pl. Solidarności 1
80-863 Gdańsk
+48 58 772 41 12

Gallery of Old Toys

Do you want to see what children toys looked like in Poland between 1920 and 1989? Maybe you were a child back then and you dreamt of a wire-car, a checked teddy bear or a percussion cap gun, very popular in the Communist state. In a time when a toy was a treat, did you play with the Rudy 102 tank or a celluloid doll? If the answer is yes, then the Old Toys Gallery is the place you are looking for! Here you can see over 4,000 old Polish toys and watch a show of old cartoons in the form of slides, like in a real vintage cinema!

ul. Piwna 19/21
80-831 Gdańsk
+48 695 995 363

Gdynia Aquarium

This bustling place contains over 130 tons of water with over two thousand aquatic and aquatic-terrestrial animals living in it. Here you can see the inhabitants of the vivid coral reef, the open waters of the ocean, the ever-green Amazon jungle and the Baltic Sea. We organise weekend events for families, combining good fun with learning new facts about the underwater world.

al. Jana Pawła II 1
81-345 Gdynia
+48 587 326 601

Darkris Travel: Galleon Cruises

Ahoy, landlubbers! Welcome on board of the Black Pearl where you can experience unique 90-minute cruises to the Westerplatte peninsula. We sail every day from the Long Waterfront at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00. Every cruise has numerous additional attractions such as story-telling about the most interesting places or the shanty music concert. Our galleon has a restaurant with delicious victuals and a bar laden with liquors. Don’t hesitate and sail with us: you can’t miss such an adventure!

Gdańsk, Długie Pobrzeże w pobliżu Zielonej Bramy
+48 519 140 201

Loopy's World

It is the largest playground in Poland, open all year round. Nobody gets bored here! Multi-floor movement construction, labyrinths, obstacle courses, trampolines and slides guarantee lots of attractions! After an unforgettable experience go to Loopy’s Restaurant, which serves delicious snacks, balanced family dinners, beverages and desserts.

Al. Grunwaldzka 229
80-266 Gdańsk 
+48 58 347 73 11

Guided sightseeing Gdańsk

Do you want to spend an active time in Gdansk while listening about its history and fun facts connected with the city? Use our guided tours around: the Main Town, the Old Town, defensive and medieval fortifications of Gdansk, Westerplatte, Oliwa, Sopot, Gdynia, the Freedom Trail, the Famous Nobel Prize Winners Trail. All you have to do is to get to the PTTK point at ul. Długa 45 or make a booking via telephone. Guided tours are organised at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 from May to September, and in low season – at 14.00.

ul. Długa 45
80-827 Gdańsk
+48 58 301 60 96

Ciuciu Artist

The smallest candy manufacturer in Poland and the only one operating with the use of old technologies. Candy is made manually, before the customers’ eyes, using technology applicable to small factories in the 17th and 18th century. This attraction is very popular with children, as well as adults interested in the candy-making technique.

ul. Długa 64/65
80-831 Gdańsk
+48 58 301 24 11

Gdansk Panoramic Wheel Amber Sky

See Gdansk from a different perspective! London has its London eye, Las Vegas its High Roller, Singapore its Singapore Flyer, and Gdansk – AmberSky! The observation wheel, 50 meters above sea level, is a new, thrilling quality way of sightseeing Gdansk in a nutshell. The Ferris wheel, located on Granary Island, gives you a new way of experiencing the city’s attractions. Climbing over the roofs of Gdansk, residents and tourists can admire the historic part of the city, the amber stadium and the shipyard with historic cranes. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

ul. Pożarnicza, Wyspa Spichrzów
+48 666 378 980

Parrot House

The Gdansk Parrot House is a place created out of passion, fascination and love for animals. Not only can you see almost 60 species of parrots but you can also touch them, pet them, have a hug and even feed them. Visit us and see how special this exotic place really is! Tourist Card holders get 10% discount on general admission and family tickets.

Schuberta Street 1A/3
+48 58 355 05 04
FB: papugarnia Gdańsk

Krolm - board games

It is a truly amazing place... It gathers people who wish to spend time playing board games together. Inside old, romantic walls of brick and the sounds of tree trunks crackling in the fire, you can totally unwind. All you have to do is to take one of over two hundred games and begin an unforgettable adventure! Remember, Krolm is a place both for families as well as those who have never heard about board games.

Poczty Gdańskiej Street 3
80-321 Gdańsk-Oliwa
+ 48 698 124 175

Discounts for selected meals on the menu in partner restaurants:

Amber Side Restaurant

The restaurant offers an ambient and spacious interior, ideally matching the architectonic style and character of the European Solidarity Centre. The menu features both European and Old-Danzig meals, inspired by seasonal products and the seasons of the year. The chef, Kamil Hildebrand, reinvents recipes from old cook books offering the guests interesting and often intriguing dishes. Gourmands praise his beef cheeks in red wine with vegetables or ham hock stewed in cider. Tourist Card holders are entitled to 20% discount on selected dishes from the menu.

ul. Plac Solidarności 1
80-863 Gdańsk
+48 666 368 334

Full Steam Ahead Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the Maritime Culture Centre, in the heart of the Main Town. A major attraction, especially in high season, is the possibility of having a feast on the terrace overlooking the medieval harbour, see the Gdansk Crane from a totally different angle or gaze at the tourist ships passing by and the yachts moored in the marina. The restaurant offers a bonus for Tourist Card holders – 20% discount on the entire amount of the bill.

ul. Tokarska 21-25
80-888 Gdańsk
+48 58 329 87 25

Philharmonic Restaurant

The restaurant’s speciality is its original menu, offering an invitation to fusion cuisine. Like Gdansk, the place derives from the richness and diversity of ingredients from across the globe, innovatively blending them with Polish products. Traditional international cuisine recipes are an inspiration for creating a new and unique version of particular dishes based on original flavour and simplicity. Proof of the restaurant’s popularity is the fact that in 2016 it received the distinction of being awarded one toque by the influential Gault & Millau restaurant guide. Holders of the Tourist Card are entitled to 20% discount on selected dishes from the menu.

ul. Ołowianka 1
80-751 Gdańsk
+ 48 58 323 83 58

Elixir Restaurant

The Eliksir is a unique place in Tricity – a combination of a restaurant, cocktail bar and event space. The main theme behind it is foodpairing, i.e. serving perfectly balanced and prepared meals by properly selecting the flavours of foods and drinks that go well together. The Eliksir is the fruit of the efforts of chefs and bartenders, with the flavour of all meals and cocktails reflecting their passion, craftsmanship and creativity.

ul. M. Hemara 1
80-280 Gdańsk
+ 48 570 191 910

Bunkier Club & Gallery

The combination of the historic, unaltered exterior of the building and the transformation on the inside creates a truly amazing effect. With the eclectic interiors, original architectural structure and innovative design choices, Bunkier is a new space for culture and a reclaimed tourist attraction for the city. The Tourist Card entitles its holders to 20% discount on all drinks served at the bar (alcoholic / non-alcoholic) and 10% discount on original dishes from the menu.

ul. Olejarna 3
80-843 Gdańsk
+48 530 917 788

Pub T29

Pub T29, located at the Energa Gdansk Stadium, is the perfect spot for traditional lunches during work, a family dinner or a nice evening with friends. The menu offers both traditional Polish dishes, as well as European cuisine. Fans seeking adrenaline can find the perfect conditions here to watch matches while enjoying tasty refreshments and original snacks.

ul. Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk
80-001 Gdańsk
+48 58 768 83 60

Senso Restaurant & Bar

The original yet classical interiors of the Senso Restaurant & Bar are the perfect venue both for a business meeting or an evening with family and friends. Exquisite flavours, an uncommon blend of ingredients and the richness of aromas are excellent highlights of our modern cuisine. The menu contains examples of European cuisine, vegetarian dishes and for those with allergies, as well as special meals offered by the Scandic hotel chain. Tourist Card holders are entitle to 15% discount on selected dishes from the menu.

Podwale Grodzkie Street 9
80-895 Gdańsk
58 300 60 06

Grono di Rucola

This Sopot restaurant is a recipe for the best enjoyment! If you are fond of good flavours and exceptional interiors, you will definitely love the place. Located off the beaten track, shielded by the Tricity forest, a wooden cottage with a garden creates a truly exceptional atmosphere with delicious meals prepared from fresh bio products and exquisite wines from all over the world.

Generała Józefa Wybickiego Street 48
81-842 Sopot
58 719 65 69

Long Street 52

A restaurant and a cocktail bar under one roof, located in the heart of the Main Town. What is there to be said about its cuisine? Surely, it is created by individuals with passion and an unconventional approach. Originality, seasonal products, the best possible quality and attention to detail are the main assets of Long Street 52. The chefs and cooks are doing the best they can and the bartenders do not fall behind. Their speciality is cocktails but they will enchant you with fruit smoothies, traditionally made liqueurs or lemonade from fresh citrus fruit. And beer? American Pale Ale, White Ipa, Roeselare Ale Blend are just an example of the beers available.

Długa Street 52
22-100 Gdańsk
+ 48 727 237 267
FB: longstreet52

Correze Restaurant

The Corrèze offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a French twist. We serve seafood, fish and beef from reliable French providers. Our speciality is also freshly baked breads, baguettes and delicious meringue cake. Wines selected by a sommelier, served with fondue made with Raclette and Gruyère, are the perfect complement of the meal.

Stara Stocznia Street 2/7
80-869 Gdańsk
+58 719 60 60
+ 48 792 595 969