Gdansk souvenirs 

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A set consists of an elegant notebook in a soft, black cover, a pencil and a pen (Absolwent pattern). Notebook with lines.
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Designer’s socks with Gdansk theme will make you stand out from the crowd.
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During the game players discover facts about Gdansk, as they plan their very own route through the city and gain amber souvenirs. 
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Unique Tricity Tights manufactured by Gabriella.
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Calendar book for 2021 featuring an original Visit Gdansk design.
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Profiled, 2-layer facemasks (cotton and polyester) with a colourful Gdansk layout, with rubbers. Available in 2 sizes: standard and XL. XL size has longer rubbers.
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Made of a strong and thick fabric which does not crease after washing, which means you do not have to waste time on ironing.
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Adjustable-length luggage strap, original design featuring a colourful Gdansk print.
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Perfect for cold days, for sport or just for everyday use.
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Glass bottle with a bamboo sheath, bamboo cap and an original print of the Gdansk Shipyard cranes.