Gdansk souvenirs 

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This poster is a decorative piece which your home just cannot do without. Printed on high-quality paper, dimensions: 50x50 cm.
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This soft, round cushion will be a stand-out decoration piece in your home.
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Make your luggage stand out with this fantastic suitcase sticker!
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T-shirt depicting the most iconic parts of Gdansk. A unique combination of photography and drawing. Our apparel is made from a high-quality fabric.
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The latest design from Visit Gdansk! The unique, one-of-a-kind print combines elements of modern and old Gdansk. All this on a porcelain mug with a lid to prevent accidental spillage.
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This calendar with the latest Visit Gdansk design is sure to come in handy next year.
Play with your children and boost your memory. This popular memory game features the friendly Gdansk lion, Hewelion, and is a blast to play regardless of age.
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Sports t-shirt with a unique Gdansk shipyard crane print. Made from a quick-drying, breathable fabric, with double seams.Fair Working Conditions and Reach Conform-certified.