Gdansk souvenirs 

A dual purpose gadget - a travel pillow that converts to a toy.
A cotton onesie with a Hewelion Lion print. The lion is the main character of a tourist trail in Gdansk.
Plush mascot 25 cm high, with a removable jacket and hat and pilot's glasses made of felt. Read more about Hewelion the Lion Trail here.
An album by Mieczysław Abramowicz, publishing of Kosycarz Foto Press. 
69,00 zł
A “croissant” pillow made with finest materials. 
Digital scale that can weight up to 50 kg of baggage.
Baggage padlock with 3 digits code, in accordance with TSA regulations, to protect your baggage
A foldable shopping basket with a zipper closed lid. Inside covered with thermofoil.
35,00 zł
A practical set for a small meal. Includes cutlery.
Practical and colourful boxes which will bring smile to everyone, most of all - to kids.
15,00 zł
A key item for runners.