Gdansk souvenirs 

35,00 zł In stock
Baggage padlock with 3 digits code, in accordance with TSA regulations, to protect your baggage
38,00 zł In stock
A foldable shopping basket with a zipper closed lid. Inside covered with thermofoil.
35,00 zł In stock
A practical set for a small meal. Includes cutlery.
10,00 zł In stock
Practical and colourful boxes which will bring smile to everyone, most of all - to kids.
15,00 zł In stock
A key item for runners. 
30,00 zł In stock
Wooden automatic umbrella with the logo of the City of Gdańsk and Visitgdansk.
60,00 zł Product available with different options
350,00 zł In stock
Wittchen suitcase available in two sizes(cabin and large format).